Monday, January 17, 2011

Scientists are always finding something new....

Reading about this almost freaks me out. The fact that scientists can isolate a protein that "mega-boosts" your visual memory is crazy, never mind the fact that they can make it into a drug for people to use.

Conspiracy Theorists will enjoy this

Kinda creepy just to watch and see all the evidence that leads us to believe that the pentagon attack wasn't a terrorist attack...

Anyone interested in space?

looking at pictures of galaxies is so awesome. Crazy to think what could actually be out there!


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hehe XD

Heres an interesting article...

check it out. theres some rare footage for anyone who's interested in psychedelics or anything of the sort.

WOAH! Chameleons in action...

Is this real life?

So cool, anything crazy with lights i find so amazing!